The Summer travel season is finally here! It’s time for vacation, so grab your hair and Let’s Go! When we wear hair, taking a vacation can add another layer of worry to our packing and planning. Here are a few tips that make traveling with “hair” a little easier.

1. Start your vacation with a freshly washed top piece, this way you start clean and fresh.

2. The best way to travel with your hair is to wear it, your hair will not be crumpled in a box or bag and you will be guaranteed that you will have your hair. Ever had a lost bag? I have.

3. If your hair is long enough to pull back, using the Invisibobble hair bands will not leave creases in your hair (they will remind you of the old telephone cords). I recommend packing a few of these bands, if your hair is long enough to pull back.

4. Your large tooth comb and wet brush are always good for smoothing the ends after a day at the beach or pool.

5. Having a plastic travel wig stand that will break down flat to fit perfectly in your suitcase, will keep the shape of your topper and will allow the hair to air out at night or while you take a nap.

6. Bringing your curling or flat irons with you is a good idea, if you need to touch up your hair. This can be done while you are wearing your top piece.

7. *Wear Sunscreen On Your Body, Not Your Hair* Sunscreen is a must, but if you are a blonde, keep your hair pulled up and away from sunscreen, because your hair can turn orange.

If you wear a daily wear top piece, there are a few things you should consider when going to the airport and traveling with your hair.

Before I started wearing hair, sitting on an airplane was one of the things I dreaded most, because I knew the person sitting directly behind me had a close up view of my thinning hair for hours. I would sink down into my chair while trying to avoid their stare. All of this changed for me when I started wearing hair, as my top pieces gave me the confidence to know that I was “covered”.

Here are some tips for when you are traveling and wearing hair.

1. I feel my best when I am wearing hair, so if you are on a domestic flight, the best way to travel with your hair is to wear it. If your hair is long enough, pulling it into a ponytail makes traveling easy.

2. Your clips will register when you go through the body scanner. When the TSA agent comes over, tell them, “I am wearing hair” and then go about your day. You will not be asked to remove your hair!

3. Sit back and enjoy your flight Go ahead and let the passengers enjoy the view of the back of your head. It’s just a stranger in seat 18A, nothing to see here…

Happy travels!