CURA’s Topper Bar

Ideal for adding volume and coverage at the beginning stages of hair loss.

Hair toppers can be a great solution for when you are thinning on top and need a little coverage.

Toppers are typically attached to your bio hair with small pressure-sensitive clips that can be worn for the day and taken out at night. Tape can also be used to secure your topper.

Toppers are ideal for someone who is in the beginning to mid-stages of hair loss and are looking for a more immediate solution that can be readily available.

CURA offers two types of toppers, our CURA Crowns and our Ready to Wear Collection.

CURA crowns in a variety of colors

CURA Crowns

Made in partnership with one of our favorite vendors.

The CURA Crowns feature a scalp replica with virgin hair, available in varying lengths, colors, and textures, that can be customized by cutting and coloring by the CURA team.

The base size is 2 3/4” wide and 5” long. The selection of crowns is always evolving. If we do not have exactly what you are looking for, we can place a custom order.

The crowns can be worn with clips or tape for daily wear.

CURA Crowns are ideal for: 

  • The beginning stages of hair loss
  • Adding volume and coverage
  • Wanting a custom color
  • Wanting a solution that is available in 2 to 3 weeks
hair top pieces in an array of colors

Look at this transformation! The difference in volume, density, body and shine is amazing.

top view of client before and after placement of a Cura Crown
top view of client before and after placement of a Cura Crown

Ready to Wear Toppers

outside and inside view of a topper hair piece

Our Ready to Wear collection features “Remy” (all of the hairs are going in the same direction) human hair toppers with a silk scalp replica. The toppers are made from the finest materials and are lightweight, flexible and breathable.

The toppers have been pre-colored, so the delivery time to your new hair can be available in days. We offer varing lengths and colors to blend seamlessly with your bio hair.

Ready to Wear toppers are ideal for:

  • The beginning stages of hair loss
  • Adding volume and coverage
  • Varing base sizes for coverage
  • Wanting a solution that is available in days

We have a selection of toppers from several high-end collections. CURA toppers are 100% human hair. You can use all of your styling tools, including your flat irons, curling irons and wands.

They can be customized with cut and color, adding lowlights, or a deeper root.

We carry several luxury hair lines that have beautifully colored hair with a scalp replica. You can choose from many lengths, textures and colors.

The base size of the topper will vary depending on the amount of coverage you need. Toppers pair great with our scalp care program. You can remove your topper to use your laser helmet, or to apply any topicals you maybe using for hair growth support.

Note: we can also order a custom topper for you; the time in production is approximately 12 weeks.

hair top pieces in an array of colors

Visit our Topper Bar!

Our unique Topper Bar features a beautiful selection of ready-to-wear human hair toppers that are available in a just few weeks time.

When you work with us, we will spend time teaching you how to put it on, take it off, and how to place it perfectly. We are here for you.

salon chairs and mirrors in topper bar station
the topper bar at Cura Hair Solutions

Schedule your personal consultation and try out the beautiful selections in our private, comfortable Topper Bar.