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CURA Client Profile: Tony’s Story

man smiling after salon appt for hair replacement

The CNC has changed my life in ways that are hard to describe in words. For years before the CNC, I was confident in myself and had a full head of hair. In fact, in my early 30’s I was a hair model for Paul Mitchell and had my hair cut at a show by Paul himself.

As I turned 50, I started losing hair and found myself avoiding having my picture taken, due to the glare on the photograph.

Once I made the decision to wear the CNC, I now have my confidence back. It has been a wonderful journey since I met Lisa and I no longer avoid the camera.

Lisa has been absolutely amazing to work with, as Lisa truly cares about her customers and makes me feel like her #1 customer while I am in her studio. Life after the CNC has given me much more confidence about myself. I know my family loves me no matter what, but I did this for myself. I have always been a big advocate for the love yourself 1st and take care of your body idea. 

man smiling before salon appt for hair replacement
top view of man before salon appt for hair replacement
back view of man before salon appt for hair replacement
a stylist cuts a man's CNC hair replacement system to blend seamlessly with his bio hair

CURA Client Profile: Diana’s Story

woman smiling after salon appt for hair replacement

CURA understands the true meaning of hair. They know the impact of hair – how it can change your life.

The CNC has changed how I am. I am able to be me – like how I was 20 years ago. I can go out to my children’s sporting events and not worry that everyone is staring at me, instead of watching the game. I can confidently go out in social settings and not want to hide in a corner. I can go swimming, wear hats and be in windy situations with a big smile on my face. There are so many other things I have to worry about – hair is not one of them.

CURA did a fantastic job in providing me with several options. Once I decided on the CNC, the process was simple. They took measurements of my scalp and took a hair sample so they could find hair to match mine – color, texture and curl type. My CNC is nearly identical to my original hair! No one has ever asked about my hair system, meaning they can’t tell I’m wearing hair. Everyone’s story is different – but the confidence that CNC brings to the wearer is the same. It is amazing how hair makes you feel – like you’re on top of the world.

woman before salon appt for hair replacement
top view of woman before salon appt for hair replacement
CNC hair replacement system being bonded to a person's head
back view of CNC hair system showing beautiful curl pattern
woman in leather jacket holding cell phone and smiling

“As I got older, I realized my hair was getting finer and thinner. No one ever told me that could happen. I had been seeing Lisa as my hair stylist for years and as I became more and more disappointed with my hair texture and lack of fullness, she was there to listen and provide alternatives.

I am willing to try lots of different things all with the idea of looking my best and Lisa has helped me each step of the way to find my best self and continue to improve on that. I gladly recommend her to anyone who wants to have a great head of hair and who wants to work with someone who really cares about them.”   – Jeanne B.

I was facing a grim situation, losing my hair, due to medication. My neighbor came by for a 5pm glass of wine. I commented on how great her hair looked. She said that it was a hair piece. I was dumbfounded. She recommended  Lisa to me. Lisa changed my life and my look. I now have 2 hair pieces and Lisa oversees their care. She is so genuine, talented, creative and professional. She understands the horror of hair loss because she’s been through it, too.

—  Judy S.

What a game changer!  I was always under the impression that the only options for men were to go bald or spend $20k for a hair transplant that may or may not work. So I’m incredibly grateful that Lisa spent the time to educate me about this realistic option. I’m very particular about my hair and wouldn’t trust just anyone – Lisa is extremely knowledgeable, meticulous, and has always made me feel like my satisfaction and happiness is her only goal. My new system is amazing and I can’t believe how real it looks and how well Lisa blends it in with my existing hair – nobody can tell and now I look years younger!

For anyone with hair loss, I couldn’t give a higher recommendation than Lisa –  not only is she the consummate professional, but she’s extremely friendly and runs a very clean, private salon.  — David T.

You’re the best!  You have changed my life!  My topper is perfect!  The topper itself is light and you don’t know it’s on your head.  The color matching you picked was perfect and I get so many compliments on the haircut.  Oh, did I mention I feel years younger?  I don’t leave home without it!  — Rita G.

Lisa Ferestad and the CNC hair system were answers to my prayers! For a long time, I’ve struggled with hair loss and I finally found a practical solution to my problem and a stylist with whom I feel comfortable.  Lisa Ferestad and the CNC system are the best combination of help!

Lisa has a kind and gentle way about her and at the same time, she’s an extensively trained professional. I have tried other hair pieces in the past and the CNC system is absolutely the best. I have finally found a long-term solution to my problem. I am grateful for Lisa and for my new hair. I feel normal again. I highly recommend Lisa Ferestad and the CNC system for anyone who is seeking supplemental or full hair replacement.   — Anonymous

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