Scalp Treatments

Fall in love with our luxury scalp care treatments.

Healthy Hair Starts with a Healthy Scalp

We are all familiar with getting a facial and the importance of exfoliating, cleansing, moisturizing, and treating our face.

Our scalp is also in need of the same care, but most of us shampoo and condition and stop there. The scalp care routine consists of 3 steps: exfoliation, cleansing and applying a toner/specialized vial to balance the scalp.

We have partnered with CRLAB to bring you the most advanced care for bringing your scalp into balance to promote optimal hair growth.

CRLAB equipment at Cura Salon

Trichology – The Study and Care of the Scalp

Trichology treatments are done in the studio or at home and will ensure you are taking the best care of your scalp.

To get started, an in-depth analysis is done in our studio to determine if your scalp is dry, oily, or balanced. Each CRLAB protocol line includes essential oils, botanicals, and pharmaceuticals to bring nature and science together to topically treat your scalp’s needs.

Each line of the CRLAB scalp treatment protocols has a series of steps that will be performed to achieve optimal results. They are:

    • Yellow Line to balance an oily scalp
    • Purple Line to balance a dry scalp
    • Green Line to promote hair growth

    Your journey starts with a luxury scalp care ritual with a 6-week protocol; a second analysis will be performed to track your progress.

    How your numbers and values have changed will be considered when evaluating the outcomes and determining the next steps.

    Be patient! Trichology takes time, and the results are worth waiting for. It is common for it to take 3 months to balance the scalp and 6 months to visibly see results with your growing hair.

    Ideal for clients who: 

    • want to balance a dry or oily scalp 
    • have postpartum hair loss 
    • have post-chemotherapy hair loss
    • need detoxification of the scalp

    CRLAB at-Home “Boost” Treatments

    If you want to boost your progress, there are optional steps you can add to your treatment plan: the Havogen patch and the helmet. These options will be discussed during your private consultation.

    Havogen 5 Patch

    The Havogen 5 is a transdermal patch that is worn for 12 hours at a time to slowly release powerful antioxidants and vitamin E. The Havogen 5 patch fights free radicals and inhibits DHT and sebum. The patches are beneficial for anyone with an oily scalp.

    Havogen 5 has five important actions:

    1. Reducing 5-alpha reductase activity
    2. Fighting and inhibiting free radicals formation
    3. Nourishes the hair bulb
    4. Fighting hair loss
    5. Protecting hair structure

    CRLAB Laser Helmet

    The Tricopulse uses low-level laser therapy (LLLT) on your scalp to reduce bacterial load and increase blood flow. This directly stimulates your hair bulb to encourage hair growth. Using the Tricopulse helmet has been shown to dramatically improve the various hair loss conditions you may be experiencing. These include hair thinning, an itchy scalp, and dandruff.

    To get started, schedule an in-depth trichology test to determine the best protocol for your needs.

    CRLAB scalp treatment laser helmet