The Crowning Glory of Hair Replacement

CURA designs custom solutions for people experiencing hair loss.

CNC – Translates in English to “Close Natural Contact”

We know that hair loss is deeply personal and can be a devastating emotional experience that can bring your life to a halt.

The great news is that there are options.

CURA specializes in designing custom cranial prosthetics for those experiencing hair thinning and loss.

We are proud to have become a platinum provider with CRLAB, while bringing you the most realistic non-surgical hair replacement systems available.

Smiling woman runs her hands thru a full-cap CNC hair system

Full Cap CNC by CRLAB

Cura Studio's master colorist, Marissa, poses next to examples of her work

Marissa – XT Extensions by CRLAB

The CNCs are handmade hair systems with a scalp replica, unprocessed hair with natural curl patterns, and customizable densities to bring your vision to life.

The unique customization process allows us to replace what you have lost or create what you have always wanted. Explore our site to learn more about this life-changing hair loss solution.

The CNC system can be bonded, which means it’s attached to your scalp with medical-grade adhesive. Once bonded, it can be worn for up to four weeks at a time, allowing you to:

  • Forget about your hair loss
  • Regain your confidence
  • Break the cycle of worrying about your hair

The CNC system on Actual Clients

woman smiling in a salon after hair replacement

Diana – CNC by CRLAB

Diana had worn clip on toppers for years, but was looking for a semi-permanent option that she wouldn’t have to remove every day. The CNC turned out to be an excellent option for her, as curly hair can be very hard to match in the Alt hair world. The CNC is very unique, since we can order naturally curly hair that has not been chemically processed; this match of the texture is one of her favorite things about the CNC. Diana bonds her CNC and comes to the studio every four weeks for service.

man smiling after salon appt for hair replacement

Tony – CNC by CRLAB

Tony came to the studio after having thinning hair for many years; he was wearing his hair very short to help camouflage his hair loss. We took several molds of his head and sent a sample of his hair to the factory to ensure a perfect match with his color. Tony’s results are absolutely amazing, allowing him to participate in work, golf and his weekend yard warrior activities, in complete confidence! Tony bonds his CNC and comes to the studio every four weeks for service.

What makes the CNC special

The CNC is a nonsurgical hair replacement system that can be worn for up to 4 weeks at a time and NO SHAVING of your existing hair is required.

It is customized for you. Every detail of the CNC is custom designed by the CURA team. This includes the color of the scalp, the texture and curl pattern of the hair, the density and thickness of each individual strand of hair.

The CNC scalp replica base is created with 3D technology and it fits perfectly, like a “second skin.” When bonded, our clients can style, exercise and sleep with their system as if it were their own growing hair.

It is made from a biomedical material that is antibacterial, breathable and adapts to the wearer’s body temperature.

Every hair on the CNC is injected one at a time, in a natural growth pattern, into the scalp replica base. This allows you to part your hair how you like and all you will see is a natural-looking scalp.

smiling woman showing off beautiful CNC hair replacement system

David – Hairline Transplant with Simply Natural by CRLAB

The CNC is for anyone experiencing hair loss due to:

  • Androgenetic Alopecia
  • Female pattern baldness
  • Alopecia Universalis
  • Alopecia Totalis
  • Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia
  • Lichen Planopilaris
  • Chronic Telogen Effluvium
  • CCCA, Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia
  • Trichotillomania
  • Post-radiation treatment
  • Burns or scars on scalp
  • Male pattern baldness
  • Filling in the crown area after hair transplants

Have Your Dream Hair Color

One of the things that sets our studio apart is our expertise in color work. The CNC comes in 9 natural virgin hair colors, which allows us to color the hair as if it was growing hair.

One of the most amazing things about the hair in the CNC is that it has never been processed… well, until we get our hands on it! The color process is very detailed and will often take several weeks to complete.

CNC expert blonde color by CURA Hair Solutions
CNC expert brunette color by CURA Hair Solutions
CNC expert red color by CURA Hair Solutions
CNC expert grey color by CURA Hair Solutions

At CURA, we believe in using the highest quality color products to protect the hair and bring your vision to life. From melty blondes (our speciality), to rich chocolate browns, to coppery reds and sultry silvers, we have you covered.

During the consultation, we will discuss in detail your final result and choose the best CNC starting color for the optimal result. The added color is the final step before your application and cut-in service. Every step is done with intention to create your masterpiece.

A Note about Bonding the CNC

When bonding the CNC, it is necessary to have two systems to rotate. This way, you’ll have a backup to wear while the other one is sent away for maintenance or repair.

Even for regular service, like a color refresh, having the second system makes the whole process go smoother.

The CNC system will last approximately 2-3 years, with up to 2 repairs to mend the base and add hair. Having two systems extends the life of each one. We want to ensure you always have hair to wear.

If you choose to wear your CNC bonded, we require that you have:

  • Two CNC hair systems
  • Monthly service appointments
Cura client wearing CNC hair system

A CURA client wearing a CNC by CRLAB.

Alternate Attachment Methods

Interested in the CNC, but are not wanting to wear bonded hair or live too far away to commit to service? We have different options for attachment that will allow you to experience the CNC. All options can be discussed at the initial consultation.