Chemotherapy Support

Human Hair Wigs

It is common for you to start losing your hair 2-3 weeks after you have had your first treatment. We have partnered with several companies to make sure we can have your wig ready for you before you start to lose your hair. It is always a good
idea to talk with your doctors and nurses to get specific details about your treatments and the probability of hair loss.

CURA helps with your chemotherapy journey in two additional ways:

CURA's Lisa Ferestad fits a wig to a chemotherapy patient

We are here to support you to cut your hair short; a lot of women choose to cut their hair shorter when their hair starts to shed.

If you have longer hair, it is also common to have pain when your hair begins to shed. We provide this service complementary.

CURA will also support you as your hair begins to grow back from your treatments, with haircuts to keep the shape balanced and smoothing treatments to blend your hair texture.

It is very common that after chemotherapy, your hair will initially grow back very curly or wiry. Our treatments will help ease styling.

Human Hair Wigs

There is nothing scarier than hearing the news that you will have to undergo chemotherapy treatments. The added worry of losing your hair is often too much to handle. We understand what you are going through and we have selected beautiful wigs to help you feel like yourself as you go through your treatments.

During your consultation, measurements are taken to determine the best size for your wig cap. We also take measurements of your hair to determine the best choice for you to replicate your current hairstyle.

Cura wigs shown in 3 colors and 3 lengths

We will customize your wig for you with a haircut and color so you can feel like yourself when you look in the mirror. Styling services are also available in the studio.

Depending on how often you wear your wig, it will need to be washed and styled every 4-6 weeks. All appointments are in a private setting for your comfort.

Colorful head caps from Cura Studio for chemo care

Support a friend going through chemotherapy:

  • CURA Care Kits help your loved one feel beautiful through her treatments.
  • Choose a hat or scarf from our collection.
  • A CURA gift card in any amount to go towards hair.